Zeiss NVision 40

Imaging and Analysis




NVision 40



The NVision 40 Dual-Beam focused ion beam and scanning electron microscope is available to perform direct etching and milling of patterns. In addition, metal or oxide pattern deposition can be performed. The Raith lithography package allows advanced patterning, milling and deposition. An Omniprobe mechanical probe permits the lift-out of TEM specimens. An EDAX energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer allows the user to determine the chemical composition of the specimen. Both heating and cooling (cryo) stages are available for use. Please contact primary staff contact for additional information.

Please note that reservations for use of this facility cannot be deleted or modified within 4 hours of the scheduled start time. If you cannot make it for a scheduled time and it is within 4 hours of the start time, you will need to contact the CNS Admin office to cancel/modify the reservation.

Previous SEM experience or CNS SEM certification required as a prerequisite to NVision FIB training. Contact Austin for more information about FIB training and use. Contact Adam for information on cryo-SEM assisted use.