VirTis Freeze Dryer / Lyophilizer

NanoMaterials Facility


SP Scientific


VirTis AdVantage Plus EL -85



This compact but feature-rich freeze dryer (a.k.a. lyophilizer) is a bench-top system with features and performance usually found in larger production-scale systems. It can attain minimum shelf and condenser temperatures of -55°C and -85°C, respectively. The two internally-cooled shelves, which can be heated up to +60°C as well, provide ample space for multiple samples to be processed simultaneously. The cooling system provides temperature uniformity of 1.0°C. This freeze dryer has both manifold and tray type drying capability. The integrated Wizard 2.0 Controller features large 16 line by 35 character backlit display and synoptic screen to enable precise control and monitoring of freeze drying process. User-friendly menu options and the ability to store up to 16 programs provide maximum convenience and can save advanced users valuable time. Overnight recipes can be easily programmed for extended hands-off processing of the samples.

This freeze dryer is available mainly to our Nanoparticle Facility users to freeze-dry their nanoparticle suspensions. However, users with other applications (e.g. lyophilization of proteins, gels or other materials) can apply to get permission and training to use it as well.

For more information on this system, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

Contact staff for training information.