VersaLaser Cutting/Engraving System

NanoMaterials Facility


Universal Laser Systems, Inc.


VersaLaser VLS3.50



This new laser cutting system is the latest addition to our microfabrication and microfluidics tool chest. In essence, the VersaLaser is a high-precision plotter controlled by a PC, where the pen of the plotter was replaced by a thin powerful laser beam for cutting and engraving. It acts as a true plug and play computer peripheral and has a friendly, materials-based print driver that eliminates complex power, speed and materials calculations. With the available High Power Density Focusing Optics accessory, the system achieves dramatically improved resolution for applications requiring extremely fine detail, such as microfluidic devices made of plastic laminates. It will allow our users to design and fabricate new microfluidic devices in a matter of hours in a three step process: 1) draw layers of a microfluidic device on a vector drawing program such as CorelDraw; 2) cut the layers from adhesive polymeric laminates using the VersaLaser; 3) stack up and press the layers together to create the device. Feature sizes of 100 microns or even less can be achieved with this technique.

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