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The Unaxis Shuttleline System is an Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP) reactor that is used for reactive ion etches. With the ICP, the etching system will be characterized with high plasma density, low process pressure, high etch rate, good etch uniformity, and low energy ion damage. A CCD end point detector is attached to the reactor, which provides a capability to determine the ending time of an etching process. Equipped with a heat exchanger, the Shuttleline ICP system allows the substrate temperature to be controlled from room temperature to 200°C.

Applications: This tool is dedicated to III-V compound semiconductor material etchings.

Features: ICP plasma generator Load-lock End point detector Substrate temperature control unit.
Available gases: HBr, Cl2, BCl3, CH4, H2, Ar, N2, O2
Sample size: 6″ or smaller.
Processes: Etching processes have been developed for several III-V materials including GaAs, AlGaAs, InP, AlInAs-GaInAs multilayer, and others. Several mask materials were used, mainly include Si3N4, SU-8, and PMMA. In general, the etching processes demonstrated smooth & clean etched surface, vertical side wall, high etch rate, and good selectivity to mask materials. For detailed process information and etching results, please go to CNS website/facilities/nanofabrication facilities/process information.

This tool is dedicated to III-V compound semiconductor material etchings.

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