Solvent Processing Station

Nanofabrication Facility


Reynolds Tech



Cleanroom G07 LISE

SB-1 is a Reynolds Tech general purpose wet process station for solvent processing located in the Wet Process Bay of the Center for Nanoscale Systems cleanroom. No metals are permitted at this station. All water supplied to this bench is 18MW deionized water. An ergonomic, anti-static, chemical spill mat is located in front of SB-1. The bench features a hot plate, two ultrasonic baths (one is temperature controlled), a gooseneck sink, DI spray guns, aspirator, N2 drying guns and a solvent disposal drain. The touch screen interface allows for user control of ultrasonic tank drains as well as displaying warnings, alarms and error codes. Solvents are stocked beneath this bench for general use.

For training on this and all wet stations, sign-up at the Center for Nanoscale Systems training events web site.