Sharon Thermal Evaporator TE-4

Nanofabrication Facility






Cleanroom G07 LISE

Equipment description and usage:
SHARON TE-4 is a four-source thermal evaporation system for depositing thin films by resistive heating. The system has two 2.5-kW power supplies, each controls two deposition sources, allowing deposition of two materials at the same time. Film thicknesses for each pair of sources are monitored in-situ, respectively, by two quartz crystal monitors. A cryopump and oil-free roughing pump vacuum system allows base pressures down to ~2e-7 torr.

Applications: This is system is currently set up for common use of depositing low vapor-pressure materials, magnetic or non-magnetic.

* Four thermal source pockets
* Two 2.5 kW power supplies, capable of sequential thin film deposition
* Quartz crystal monitor for closed loop thickness control
* Multiple substrate holders with substrate size up to 3″ maximum
* Provision of water or liquid nitrogen cooling and substrate heating up to 340 °C
* Cryopump, base pressure down to ~ 2E-7 torr

If you wish to become a qualified user for this facility, you must contact Ed Macomber for training and qualification.