Plasma-Therm Diamond RIE

Nanofabrication Facility






Cleanroom G07 LISE

The RIE-11 PT Versaline RIE is an Inductive Coupled Plasma Etching System with a maximum ICP source power of 1,200W and a maximum substrate bias power of 600W. The system is configured to handle 4″ wafers and equipped with mechanical clamping and backside helium cooling features. Its substrate temperature can be controlled from 10°C to 180°C. In addition, the temperatures of three other components inside the chamber can also be controlled from room temperature to 180°C, including Lid, Ceramic Spool, and Metal Liner. Setting these components at elevated temperatures before processing will reduce by-product coating speed on chamber walls and stabilize chamber conditions for the first couple of runs after the tool was at a stand-by state for a long time.


Only Diamond is allowed to be etched in this RIE and all other materials are forbidden.

For issues related to etching processes, please contact Ling Xie; for issues related to equipment, please contact Steve Paolini and David LaFleur.