PdR Atomic Layer Deposition System

Nanofabrication Facility


Philippe de Rouffignac




Cleanroom G07 LISE

ALD-3 is a customer table top thermal ALD system designed and built by Dr. Philippe de Rouffignac. It is a mid-temperature (50 – 275 C) deposition system that uses separate surface self limiting reactions to create thin films in a layer by layer approach, commonly referred to as ALD. The system is optimally designed for smaller substrates (up to 4″ diameter) and thus, has higher growth per minute rates than ALD 1 and ALD 2 while using less precursor to achieve the same results.

The system can accommodate three metal organic precursors and two counter reactants. The typical configuration for this system will include O2 and H2O as the counter reactants and two oxide sources such as TMA for Al2O3, DEZ for ZnO and Al:ZnO and a Me3(MeCp)Pt for platinum metal growth.

Two deposition modes are available, dynamic mode for faster growth but less conformality and penetration depth and static mode for higher penetration and conformality (a slower growth/minute method).

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