Nanoscribe 3D Lithography System

Nanofabrication Facility




Photonic Professional GT


Cleanroom G07 LISE

Nanoscribe’s 3D laser lithography system, Photonic Professional GT, is a fast and powerful platform for micro- and nanofabrication demands up to the third dimension. Almost arbitrarily complex shaped polymer structures with finest feature sizes in the sub-micrometer range can be achieved by means of two-photon polymerization. A tremendous speed-up of the writing process is driven by an embedded ultra-high precision Galvo technology, which laterally deflects the laser focus position by use of a galvanic mirror system. Thus, the fabrication of large area 3D micro- and nanostructures is now feasible in shortest time. In addition to rapid x-y-beam-scanning, a piezoelectric scanning stage provides ultra-precise x-y-z-movements of the substrate relative to the laser focus position.
The table-top laser lithography system is fully automated. An intuitive, user- friendly software as integral part of an innovative workflow eases demanding tasks and secures their successful completion. Structures can either be designed in 3D printer compatible CAD software programs or directly implemented in Nanoscribe’s GWL scripting language.

Key features:

* Highest resolution commercially available 3D printer (150nm for X, Y; 450nm for Z)

* Fast and accurate by galvo and piezo technology

* Easy fabrication of 3D micro- and nanostructures

* Two-photon polymerization of various UV-curable photoresists

* Writing area up to the centimeter range

* User-friendly software package

* Easy CAD import via DXF, STL file format

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