MLA150 Maskless Aligner

Nanofabrication Facility






Cleanroom G07 LISE

MLA150 Maskless Aligner is a high performance direct exposure system specifically designed for easy operation and high-speed exposures. It offers all the capabilities of a traditional Mask Aligner for single layer and multi-layer applications and even overcomes some of the limitations of photomask based exposure technologies. The MLA will eliminate the need for photomasks and shorten your development cycle significantly.
Key features:
* Support for all standard input formats (dxf, gdsii, cif, gerber)
* One chuck for all substrate from 5mm*5mm to 150mm*150mm
* No need for edge-bead removal or edge compensation
* High precision topside and backside alignment
* Distortion compensation
* Simple alignment on thick resist and small substrates
* Alignment accuracy less than 500nm
* Min. feature size of 1um
* Expose time for 50mm*50mm, approx. 4 mins
* Non-contact exposure
* High Aspect Ratio exposures in thick resist
* Automatic labeling and serialization
* Compatible to g-, h- and i-line resists

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