Matrix Plasma Asher

Nanofabrication Facility






Cleanroom G07 LISE

The Matrix 105 represents the industry standard in single-wafer photoresist removal and the mainstay of the highly successful plasma descum system for the semiconductor industry.
The system reduces carbon-chain polymer resist in a non damaging environment. It’s design incorporates close loop control of vital process parameters, which in turn eliminate device damage that could be both thermal and electrical.

The Matrix is a plasma asher (oxygen plasma) using a single 600 watt RF generator. It has a heated chuck capable of 250 ยฐC operating temperature. The system is process driven through menu commands and can be programmed for a maximum of 3 step processes plus over etch when using the spectrum endpoint detector. Each step can allow independent control of RF power, oxygen flow, pressure, and up / down movement of the wafer. The pic and place handler is set up to use 6″ย wafers.

1.2 – 2.5 ยตm/min on resist



The system is currently configured as a resist strip asher. By placing a baffle in the chamber, the system can be used as a down stream ozone etcher (descum). In order to use as a down stream etcher a request must be made to the staff to convert the system to this configuration.

20 – 1200 nm/min on resist
.08 – .11nm/min on diamond

For issues related to etching processes, please contact Ling Xie. For issues related to equipment, please contact David LaFleur.