INTLVAC Nanoquest Ion Beam Etching System

Nanofabrication Facility






Cleanroom G07 LISE


Ion beam etching (IBE) uses an energetic, broad beam collimated and highly directional ion source to physically mill material from a substrate mounted on a rotating fixture with adjustable tilt angle. The ion sources used are gridded ion sources of the Kaufman type and are typically neutralized with an independent electron source. The highly collimated, directional ion flux allows for anisotropic etching of any material. The ability to modify the angle of the substrate allows the creation of processes that result in tailored sidewall profiles with minimal sputtered redeposition on overlying masks.


The INTLVAC Nanoquest Ion Beam Etching System will be restricted to etch diamond, Si, SiO2, TiO2, quartz, glass, LiNbO3 and metals with single wafer loadlock for 4” and 6” wafer at this moment.

Gas channels: Capable for 2 gases (2 gas channels – O2, Ar)
Ion source: 22 cm high output RF ion source
Beam diameter: 22 cm at grid surface
Ion optics: Molybdenum, 2 grid system, highly collimated, self-aligned
Cooling: water cooling
Neutralization: LFN Low Frequency Neutralizer
RF generation: 2kW, 1.8-2.1 MHz
DC ion beam power: 1500 mA, 1500V
DC accelerator ion optics power: 1000 mA, 1000V
DC electron neutralizer: > 1A

In general, the INTLVAC Nanoquest supplied with 150mm and 100mm wafer platens for single wafer loading configuration with carbon masks for smaller sized wafers. With uniformity of ± 3% over a 100mm diameter, and a repeatability of ± 2% wafer to wafer, the Nanoquest is the ideal platform for your process with smooth sidewall, profile control and cleaned etched surface.

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