DelsaNano C Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer

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DelsaNano C



DelsaNano C is a photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS) instrument, which determines particle size by measuring the rate of fluctuations in laser light intensity scattered by particles as they diffuse through a fluid. For measuring the zeta potential, it determines electrophoretic movement of charged particles under an applied electric field. The DelsaNano also can measure zeta potential (or surface charge) of a solid surface or film.

The DelsaNano series can measure particles as small as 6 Angstrom and as large as 7 micron with molecular weight as small as 267 Dalton in a concentration range from 0.001% to 40%. In addition to zeta potential of particles, zeta potential of bare, treated, or coated solid surfaces such as glass, metal, metal oxide, ceramics, etc. in liquid can be also measured using DelsaNano.

Instruments Model:
DelsaNano C: Size and zeta potential analysis with a duo laser light
(dimension and weight: 38cm x 55cm x 21cm, 21kg)


Size Range: 0.6nm – 7µm

Zeta Potential Range: -100mV – +100mV

Concentration Range: 0.001% – 40%

pH Range: 1 – 13

Measurement Temperature Range: 10°C – 90°C

Environmental Operating Specifications: Temperature: 10°C – 40°C Humidity: 0% – 90% w/o condensation

Light Source: Laser diode, 658nm, 30mW

Scattering Angle: 15°, 30°, 160°

Sample Cells:
* Size cell for particle size (0.06mL, 0.9mL)
* Flow cell for zeta potential (0.7mL)
* Disposable cell for zeta potential (1.5mL)
* High concentration cell for zeta potential (1mL)
* Solid surface cell for zeta potential (0.7mL)

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