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The Savannah ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) from Cambridge NanoTech is a low- to mid-temperature (100-250 C) deposition system that uses surface adsorbtion of single mono-layers of reactive precursor gases to form single atomic monolayers of a variety of insulating and conductive layers, with good uniformity, almost perfect conformality, and minimal heating of substrates.

Deposition rates are typically rather slow, in the range of 3-6 Å per minute, but extremely high-aspect-ratio fill (20:1) is easily achievable. The process involves releasing alternating gas pulses of reactive metal-bearing organic precursors and oxidizing secondary precursors such as water, O2, or O3.

Available deposition materials are Al2O3 (aluminum oxide) and HfO2 (hafnium oxide), TiO2 (titanium dioxide), ZnO (zinc oxide), all using water as the secondary precursor. ZrO and other materials are being explored.

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