AS200 i-line Stepper

Nanofabrication Facility




AutoStep 200


Cleanroom G07 LISE

The AS200 i-line stepper is a 5X reduction exposure tool. It is specified for 0.65 micron resolution. The system is able to handle sample sizes from 10mm to 150mm diameter, to expose transparent substrates, and to work with a variety of alignment mark materials. The overlay is specified for <0.15脗碌m using local alignment. Global alignment is <0.25碌m.

Other features include: 路 Quick, user-capable changes between substrate sizes. 路 Ability to use 5″ reticles which can be written by the CNS Heidelberg DWL66 maskwriter. 路 Automatic reticle loading and aligning. 路 Automatic self-calibrations 路 Automatic cassette-to-cassette wafer loading and flat aligning (for 150mm SEMI wafers) 路 21mm diameter exposure field. (14.849mm*14.849mm if in square) 路 Store up to 10 reticles in the system 路 0.45 numeric aperture.

Sample thickness has to be compatible with the sample chucks. (e.g. 650um+/-100um for 6″ chuck, 525um+/-100um for 4″, and 380+- 100um for 3″聺 and below)

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